Ohnut product for dysparunia

Just today, a friend of mine sent me a link to a new product called Ohnut. I was pretty excited to see a new product for vaginismus out on the market. Immediately, I clicked on the link, which directed me to their Kickstarter campaign, and read testimonials and the product information. The product is a wearable squishy material that would be worn by the male. It basically serves as a buffer, allowing you to control how deep penetration goes.

To me, this sounds like a great idea! I truly thought, “Maybe this could be an answer to my problem!” Then, I clicked on the pre-order button and saw how much they were asking for.

Now, I totally understand that certain materials go into making a good product, and that the company needs to make a profit somehow. However, it always makes me so sad to see products, that could help women with this condition, priced as expensive as this one.

Needless to say, this product will simply be on my wishlist until I can afford it. Hopefully, it works as good as they make it seem, but we all know a good businessman has to make the product appear fantastic to sell it. Fingers crossed that it’s actually worth the price!

Have any of you seen this product before? Have you pre-ordered yours? If so, and you received, it did it seem like it worked for you? I’d love to get your answers!

Ohnut testimonials

Image credit by Ohnut’s website

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