How are you feeling in just one word?

I recently stumbled upon this post in a Vaginismus forum. A member of the group asked the question, “How are you feeling in just one word?” The honesty and pain that people responded with, who are struggling with the same condition, really spoke to me. Not many people can understand the internal struggles we face with this condition, so seeing these women comment in such a genuine way was very empowering.

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For myself, I put exhausted. I feel like every day drains me. No matter what I am doing, I cannot experience the joy or happiness that others feel. I put on a smile, but behind that smile is emptiness and exhaustion. I show compassion and love towards others because I don’t want their world to be dark. These women, who spoke their truth about how they are feeling, explain how vaginismus can implement a variety of emotions in their every day life. Some are hopeful, while others feel lost and overwhelmed. The list went on.

“Confused.” “Shitty.” “Impatient.” “Determined.”

We all have demons, there is no doubt about that, but what are yours? What are you struggling with and how do you feel in one word?


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