Yesterday’s day 6

Yesterday, I did manage to work out for a little bit. Instead of actually going to the gym, my fiance and I decided to just go for a bike ride and a walk. It wasn’t a super long one, but it was really nice to just spend some time together and enjoy the weather on a summer night.

I ate pretty healthy, minus the ice cream cone that I ended up eating a little bit later. My day mainly consisted of cereal, yogurt and jello. Sadly, those foods are the only thing that won’t upset my IBS.

I know today I’m not going to have time to workout, since after work we will be heading to a friend’s house. However, in between tours, I may be able to get some ab workouts in.

I don’t think I’m slacking with my workout routine, I think I just became super busy all of a sudden. I know a lot of people think that’s not an excuse and that if you want to get back into shape you need to make time, but the reality is we are busy. We are adults. With being an adult comes more responsibility and less time for ourselves.

In college, I was able to workout twice a day because all I had to worry about was school. It’s completely different now, and I think I’m doing the best I can.

I certainly want to get healthier and be in better shape for the wedding, but, as many of you have brought up, it takes time, so I shouldn’t be discouraged.

I started writing a bit for my new book. I’m pretty excited about it but see a very long and time consuming journey for this novel. I want it to be great and not just thrown together. I want the story to be real and relatable. I want those who struggle with vaginismus to read it and generate an abundance of emotions.

That’s the part about art that I really like. How it makes others feel. What emotions it brings out of them. During the women’s conference the other day, one great thing that developed was when a woman showed emotion through my art. She came up to me and was looking through my portfolio and turned to a page with a picture that I had not yet finished but began when I was with my ex. She teared up. It spoke to her and she felt the hardships of, not only herself, but my own as well.

We talked for some time and had a lot in common, but she still kept going back to the drawing and staring at it with new tears forming.

That’s how I want, not only my art, but my book to affect people. Truly the magic in art lies in how it makes you and others feel.

5 thoughts on “Yesterday’s day 6

  1. I think the fact that lady showed so much emotion when looking at your art, means it must be good! Go you! And working out? It is hard! And busy, yes that’s me that’s why I don’t have too much time to work out either 😀 xxx

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