Day 5

So my friend and I were actually productive at the gym! I feel really good about today and have been on an extreme high. I feel productive, happy and motivated.

I have noticed that I have not been as fatigued or undergone bad IBS problems since I’ve been eating healthier. My mind and gut appear to be in a good place, with the occasional slip up here and there.

For breakfast, I had coffee and special K cereal.

For lunch, I had a banana, jello and a tomato with some sugar.

For dinner, I had a veggie sandwich from Jimmy John’s.

I’d say I did pretty well.

At the gym, I used the elliptical for 30 min and went a little under 3 miles then did abs for 12:37.

So far, I can see a tad bit of progression on my form, but mostly I’m just feeling better.

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