Day 3 at the gym

The gym saga continues…

While most gym sessions in the future will be much more productive, today I went with a friend, which obviously means more talking than sweating.

I jumped on the elliptical for 30 minutes and then did about 5 minutes of abs. End scene.

Definitely not a winner of a gym day, but I still feel like I got up and did something so I count it 🙂

My steps so far in the day are at 9,238 and counting.

Also, all I really ate today was yogurt, granola, and cereal. I have been on serious cereal craze for like weeks now. Is a cereal diet a thing? No. Damn…

We shall see what tomorrow brings, but I already foresee a lot of driving (to Chicago) and drinking so…

Featured image credit: an adorable cat named Eeyore, who I played with for hours today. I’m begging for an early birthday gift 😉

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