Tracking my Exercise Routine

So I thought it would be fun, and also motivational for myself, to blog about my health and fitness process. I’m really excited to try this and, hopefully, this will keep me on track loosing weight and eating healthy. I want to start with at least twice a week and work my way up. I’ll track my diet, my exercises, my steps and my mood for that day. I’ll even post pictures of my progress, starting with these pre-exercise regimen pictures.

Not flattering, but hopefully they will get better and improvement will show.

Now I do have the meds working against me with looking extra bloated, but I’m hoping I can get that under control as well.

I also struggle with IBS, so I truly hope the new diet will ease the flair ups.

I hope you enjoy this fun journey with me! I hope it will help get me into a better mindset and also ready to fit into that wedding dress 😀

Now, it’s kind of a bad time to start this because I just came down with a flu bug, but I’m going to attempt some small exercises here and there to get going.

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