Still searching for info…

So I haven’t been on here in awhile because, honestly, I don’t have much to say. At first, I thought that was a bad thing, but then I got to thinking that it probably is a positive. It means that I am less depressed and less anxious. It means that the medication I am taking is working. The only real issue I am having at the moment, aside from vaginismus, is my body image. I can’t look in the mirror without thinking about how much weight I need to lose. It’s a real problem that I beat myself up over every day.

While I have had little progress with vaginismus, I’m also finding it difficult to uncover new topics relating to this condition. I feel I have exhausted the topic at the moment, but I am hopeful that more information will come to light in regards to it.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I joined a Facebook group called Pelvic Pain Sisters & Supporters United. There are many women in this group who are struggling with pelvic pain relating to, not only vaginismus, but endometriosis, vulvodynia, and various other conditions as well. I’m currently still looking up information about the Botox injections in this group to see if more women have had them. So far, I have only had women comment that they would like to learn more about this form of treatment too.

I hope you all enjoy May, the Pelvic Pain Awareness Month! ๐Ÿ™‚ Today is also my dogs 2nd birthday, so clearly I had to make him tasty treats. Peanut butter and Cheerio balls. Yum.

It would also be ironic if this was the month I discovered more information on the Botox injections (hopefully all positive). I really do need to find some relief with the vaginismus, because I am feeling more and more disconnected and distant from my partner. It’s good to have that closeness, even if it isn’t everything. Right now, we are trying to work on communication, since that’s all we have. It’s been going so-so. I just don’tย  want to fall into a habit where we are more like roommates than lovers…


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4 thoughts on “Still searching for info…

  1. I am unbelievably happy for you! I have been struggling with body image, too. I thought at 50 years of age this would stop plaguing me! But my husband just seems to get better with age… what is up with THAT??? Take time to ensure you have all the workout equipment you need, outfits (I just bought three on Amazon!), yoga mat, plus back brace for lower back pain and posture belts! Peruse Youtube for some fun workout videos! Check out “Body Groove” and work out without pain, “just move”. Get your nails done and pay for a really up to date haircut. I know you have lost hair, that is OK, go for a Pink or Meg Ryan or even early Drew Barrymore short haircut. Your hair will grow back thicker. Do whatever you need to feel good about yourself because you are a light for the rest of us! Now, go shine!

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