Just Live.

Death is unexpected and can happen in the blink of an eye. Today, my place of work lost someone who we had talked to not too long ago. He was a funny and lively guy, who would always joke around with me whenever we ran into each other. He was only 57 years old. He didn’t know how to swim and, on Sunday, March 25, drowned in the lake. That same day, only 5 years earlier, his wife passed away. No fowl play was determined, but it’s still a great deal to digest. However, sometimes someone’s passing can really put things into perspective.

I know this post will resonate or bring back memories for many of you. If it doesn’t, I know that you can at least appreciate how fleeting our lives are, and the lives of those around us. Only 2 years ago, my fiance was hit by a car and died for at least 20 seconds before they revived him. He still suffers from an injury he sustained in his knee, but it could have been much worse. When I got the phone call from the man who found him, and then talked to my fiance not long after they revived him, it felt so strange. It felt like the world was spinning and I was this close to losing the person I was meant to spend the rest of my life with. You really never know.

My biggest fear is not really living, and regretting this on my deathbed. So, in honor of Ron, and to all those who have left us at a young age, let’s make a promise to really live our lives to the fullest. Take that trip. Eat that extra slice of cake. Tell that girl you love her. Just live.

6 thoughts on “Just Live.

  1. That’s crazy that the guy drowns in a lake when he could not swim. What was he doing in the lake? It smells like suicide.

    I know the fear of not living a full life hounds me, too. But, chasing gluttony is not likely to help you live or feel you lived any fuller than you would have making smarter decisions while pursuing bigger life goals. You might gamble with the cake or just plain gambling today and suffer tomorrow, spoiling those opportunities. Only fools rush in.

    Don’t waste your precious life with haste. Never feel so pressured to do something that you rush to complete it. If you don’t have time, do something that doesn’t stir haste/pressure. Maybe you’ll find more time, tomorrow. And, if not, understand you did what you did with the time you had. Be in control of decisions and make smart ones. Don’t treat life like a Black Friday shopping spree.


    • That’s what I thought about him too. But I can see what you mean with the gluttony or trying to do too much too fast. It’s a matter of people doing what they love, but not harming themselves or others. Nobody said that piece of cake should be a whole cake, just a slice every once and awhile. It’s important to enjoy the little things in life, but also realize when you should say “no”

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      • What a smile you have. And, all this talk of slices of cake, I am inspired to write poetry. 😛 But, I could just as well make myself mad with that poetry. So, I will restrain my whim…for now.

        I think people know what is harmful to themselves yet weak against bad influences more often than not. Wherever people are who do not give into temptation, they must be a very envious, holy minority or hidden majority (like some pocket dimension of “high elves”). Because I have yet to get to know anyone well enough that I can say they are free of such weakness. [Or, perhaps, I did meet a few and have already forgotten.]

        And, a big problem with doing just what we love–at least, from my experience–is running into forces that tell you otherwise, tell you this is not the right place or time for satisfying your heart’s desire.

        I think of a girl I wanted to tell I loved her (though I couldn’t be sure if what I felt was the love of a future husband or just an infatuated fool) and how she shut me down by saying we would only be good friends and nothing more. I had put her aside so long, telling nosy peers we were “just friends” only to have that good friend reach a conclusion about our relationship. I have never been good at putting “periods” or final ink on things. I tend to live in the gray area. And, it pains me to think of that opportunity I missed. Yet, I have to go on an figure out what better opportunities still exist.


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