Feeling that Sunrise

It’s crazy how a change of medication can make you go from feeling absolutely hopeless and distant to feeling wonderful and happy again. I finally feel like myself and I truly hope this euphoria lasts.

I have been focusing on being more creative, which has been something I had been neglecting for years now due to depression and anxiety. This renew of my creative spirit is making me feel alive again, and I am getting the itch to make more artwork for my Etsy page. If you are interested, check it out!

I just wanted to give everyone a little update, since I haven’t been on here in a bit. The vaginismus is still a problem; however, I truly am loving this new approach. My therapist is having me heal my mind before I begin to heal my body. It’s a slow and steady process, but I am hopeful that now that my anxiety and depression have lessened, I will have more opportunity (in and out of therapy) to work on the vaginismus.

Let me know if you have any questions on the vaginismus, and please feel free to contact me if you think you might have this condition and just need someone to talk to.

You are enough 🙂


Featured image credit: Jill111

8 thoughts on “Feeling that Sunrise

  1. I don’t like the idea of medication being the primary thing saving your sanity or mood. But, you do what feels right for you, I guess. [I have had some rough luck with medications which give me my own sort of “vaginismus” of the mouth.]

    It gives me a strangely pleasing feeling to know I am not the only one getting a creative push at this time of year/month. There definitely is something in the air that is driving me away from priority and toward bathing in my mind.

    I stand corrected on my last comment. You seem to have some serious drawing skill, if those are your sketches. A Buffy fan (who resembles one of the blonde vampire characters I’ve seen either on that show or the Vampire Diaries)?

    I was going to ask about this “vaginismus” because you make such a big deal about it all over your blog like a bad rash. I thought it was an STD or cute word for some phobia or obsession you have. I had to just look it up rather than comb through all the posts mentioning the word. And, call me weird, but there is something strangely erotic about the concept. A condition which repels sexual (penetration), most likely due to an internal defense mechanism…almost like innate birth control and rape repellant. I don’t mean to make too light of what may seriously haunt you. But, to me, this almost sounds like a good, divine situation you have, like a higher power is trying to preserve your innocence.

    Why would any rational, heterosexual man say such things? Well, maybe because sex is so overplayed and abused in our human world that I personally am put off by some of it. I mean, I have urges. I fantasize plenty. I could pursue as much as I want. But, I don’t want to feel like a prostitute or gigolo. And, I have doubts about the other common path religious folks take. So, standing in the middle, outside of the norm, I find myself looking at alternatives. And, your condition makes for an interesting case. Because, maybe, sex isn’t right or ideal for you, yet you can find intimate joy and fulfillment in other ways. [Just as I cannot enjoy the smell of flowers or fruit but can still appreciate their beauty.]

    And, if your last line doesn’t cure your own blues, it should. You’re enough…even if you suffer from this “vaginismus.”


    • You are a freaking troll it took her so much strength and courage just to talk about her condition! You need to quit with your unwanted comments and get a freaking life!!

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      • Says the voice of conformity and limited thinking. I gave more than the two cents the average visitor might give. I spent more time than others view necessary. It took similar strength and courage to discuss my own hardships. Who are you to spew flames at me?


  2. I am her family leave my family alone you troll what are you even doing a blog for women and spouses of these women who have this condition!! Leave her alone u freaking troll fyi she has a fiancée!!!😤😡


  3. I am her family leave my family alone you troll what are you even doing a blog for women and spouses of these women who have this condition!! Leave her alone u freaking troll fyi she has a fiancée!!!😤😡 Take a hint dude!!


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