Premonitions within my family

Today’s Daily Post topic is titled “Premonition” and, once I saw this, I immediately had stories that I wanted to share.

My family has always been into the supernatural, psychics and mysticism. We believe those who have passed do stick around for awhile. Many of my family members, including myself, have experienced paranormal encounters.

If you are interested in hearing more about those, let me know in the comments and I’ll create a new post specifically about that. I’m extremely interested in learning about the unknown and constantly seeking it out. So, feel free to share your stories as well!

Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to say my family is psychic, but some members have developed an inconsistent or sporadic ability to dive into that sixth sense and have dreams that can only really be described as premonitions. Even before my time, my great grandfather and my great aunt Sophia had these same psychic premonitions.

For instance, my mom told me a premonition that my great aunt Sophia had, where she dreamt of an army jeep going off road and three red pillows and one white pillow laying inside.

“Her son was in the service overseas and was suppose to be in that jeep, but decided at the last minute not to go. All 3 in the jeep were killed-the red pillows. Her son was the white pillow.”

My grandma also had these same premonitions. It’s not like she sat down and played with tarot cards to determine someone’s future. She simply fell asleep, without even thinking that she would dream someone’s future or an incident, but that is exactly what she did.

One time, my grandma had a dream that the neighbor had fallen and needed help. Sure enough, she went over to her neighbor’s house the next day to find that she had fallen and was lying on the floor.

Now, it’s not like this happened every night, which is why I mentioned this premonition ability to be inconsistent or sporadic. However, when it did occur, she was seldom wrong.

My mom, uncles, aunt, cousin, sister and I have developed this as well. My sister and I have even had the same dream from our own perspectives and talked to one another in the dream. It made for interesting breakfast conversation when we exchanged our stories.

One time, my aunt, sister and I all had the same dream, but each one was subtly different. It’s a strange feeling to find things like this out because, even if it does happen from time to time, it’s still a bit unnerving.

I even had a dream, way back in middle school, where I dreamt of my friend’s mom dancing and playing hide-and-go-seek with me and her daughters in their backyard. We laughed and laughed until, suddenly, she disappeared behind a tree.

When she reappeared, it was only briefly to show me a collage of all the memories we had together. When I woke up, I had this feeling of dread and despair. I found out later that day that she had passed away.

The last story I will share is one that I had never really shared before. I couldn’t quite figure it out at the time, but now I understand it.

My grandma had passed away and I had recently moved into a house with my boyfriend at the time. Things were not going well and I was deeply struggling with depression and wanting a way out.

One night, I had a dream where my family and I were at her house and I noticed her walking into her bedroom down the hall. She wasn’t old at all though. She looked to be in her 20s, like I was. When I got into her room, the atmosphere changed and she turned back into her older self and scolded me to not make this mistake. I kept asking her, “What mistake?” Unfortunately, I never got a reply because she stormed out of the room in quite a hurry.

I now realize that she was telling me to leave the relationship because it was toxic. I did do this about a month later after certain situations occurred that made me realize I was in an emotionally abusive relationship. Honestly, I felt so much lighter and like I had been sent free once I walked out that door.

It is a heartwarming feeling to know that my grandma is still protecting me, even after her passing.

I hope you enjoyed these stories, and let me know if you’d like to hear more in the future! ❤

12 thoughts on “Premonitions within my family

  1. My dad was into nothing like this, but I learnt months later, or a year later after my dada died while I was in my teens that some months before he died, he told my mum that he had a dream. He seen three doors. Two were black and one were white. They were positioned as in the white door was across the street from the two black doors. We knew there had been each a death across the road, but at the time, not at ours. Was this a sign of death to come in our family? I would say so. For my dad to tell my mum his dream, he was obviously freaked out by it, not that he would reveal that.
    The other was something I had, which I won’t go into detail. But when I dreamt it the first time, I found it extremely upsetting. A year later, I had the exact same dream. It upset me, but not as much as the first. My aunt was in this and what I seen of her in this dream, although it upset me, I knew it would not come true, because she wasn’t able to get upstairs. So why I had that same dream, I do not know.

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      • I don’t think I would ever know what my dream about my aunt’s meant, but what I seen in my dream was never going to happen and it didn’t. Whether I was worried about her unknowingly, I don’t know, as around that time she was getting to be unwell.

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  3. Ooohhh… very interesting. And “I believe.” I had an uncanny ability to dream something and it would happen, like deja vu. My mother got so creeped out she told me to stop this at once! I never had a premonition dream again! But I have my ‘spirits’ and my husband has his- we think they are pretty nifty. ~k.

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