Top 10 ways to support other bloggers

Today, I wanted to share with all of you 10 ways that you can support those in the blogging community. It’s so important to show and give support to our fellow bloggers, and I love seeing people do it! Here are some examples:

1. Share/Reblog other bloggers links: Dream Big, Dream Often is doing this currently, and I think it’s wonderful. He is showing support by asking bloggers to share their links in the comments and he will reblog their post.

2. Provide bloggers the opportunity to be interviewed: This is an idea that The Bipolar Writer is currently doing and I think it’s a perfect opportunity for bloggers to get their stories out there in the community.

3. Collaborate: I collaborated with The Scribblings on 2 poems and, not only was it wonderful to get to know her and work together, but it also allowed for our blogs to be seen on eachothers sites.

4. Link away! If you find a blog that is relevant to your blog, feel free to link it. The other blogger will more than likely be pleasantly surprised to find one of their blogs suddenly receiving more activity 😉

5. Awards: Awards are a great way to show and give support to other bloggers. It also allows you to get to know them a little bit more. Want to participate in an award blog? Feel free to comment down below and I will nominate you!

6. Like and comment on their post: It’s just that simple! You can always leave a generic comment, but how about leaving an insightful and meaningful comment instead? By doing this, you are engaging with the blogger more and learning more about them. Also, sometimes you are able to provide words of encouragement or wisdom to help them through a difficult time. This is more than just reading a blog and commenting, this is providing emotional and mental support for their overall well-being.

7. Contact them via email: There have been a few individuals who have sent me an email just to express their support. This always makes me smile because it really does make you feel like you are resonating and helping others.

8. Send gifts: I’ve heard about this happening a few times and I think it’s lovely! If you are wanting to share some love to a fellow blogger that you admire, go ahead and send them a nice card or gift. Written messages are sometimes the most meaningful.

9. Help them to grow their blog: Sometimes, bloggers ask for donations so that they can grow their blog and purchase better equipment to expand their platforms or to publish a book. Many authors have to start somewhere to get their name out there.

10. Purchase items they are selling: If a blogger has merchandise, it is probably because they are trying to get money to pay for the growth of their blog and career. Help them out by purchasing something of theirs! You also become a walking billboard for them by advertising their “brand.”

Can you think of any more ways to support bloggers? If so, comment below! ❤

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