Female sexuality

So I stumbled upon this picture on Instagram today and it really spoke to me. For me, this image has multiple meanings relating to vaginismus and female sexuality.

I love the imagery of nature, particularly flowers, eminating out and expressing how natural the female genital area is. It should not be made fun of, talked down upon or even ignored. Society has a way of looking at the female organs and seeing sex. That’s it. They see a hole they can put something into to turn people on.

However, that’s not what I see interpreted in this picture.

This picture expresses femininity, beauty and life: all things that come from a woman.

Boys are taught to receive pleasure but girls are taught, at a young age, to ignore that part of their body because it is not “lady-like.”

Why is that? Why can’t women be taught and encouraged to talk about their sexuality? Isn’t it a bit double standard to allow one sex to explore that part of themself but the other sex to be discouraged? If young girls were taught that pleasure is normal for them, some women wouldn’t struggle with anxieties of sex and end up dealing with vaginismus down the line. It would alleviate a great deal of heartbreak for them.

Sex is natural. Sex is supposed to be enjoyed and shared with loved ones. How can you expect these women, who were so strongly taught that their genitals are “dirty,” to just flip a switch and have sex with their partners? The human brain and body are a bit more complicated than that.

So now I ask you: What does this picture mean to you? How does it speak to you? What do you think of when you gaze upon it?

I’d love to hear your responses in the comment section below! ❤

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29 thoughts on “Female sexuality

  1. It’s beauty of nature and limit of pleasure which combines at female genital area.
    Hindus, Arabs, and Celts regarded the yonic shape of the horseshoe
    as a symbol of the Goddess’s “Great Gate,” thus it was always esteemed
    as a prophylactic door charm. Druidic temples were constructed in
    the shape of a horseshoe.1 So were some Hindu temples, with the frank
    intention of representing the yoni. The horseshoe arch of Arabic
    sacred architecture developed from the same tradition. 2
    Greeks assigned the yonic shape to the last letter of their sacred
    alphabet, Omega, literally, “Great Om,” the Word of Creation
    beginning the next cycle of becoming. The implication of the horseshoe
    symbol was that, having entered the yonic Door at the end oflife
    (Omega), man would be reborn as a new child (Alpha) through the
    same Door. It was everywhere represented as “a horseshoe, the very
    figure that is nailed to so many doors in various parts of the world, as an
    emblem of luck. Mighty few of those who live in such houses know
    that the horseshoe is only a symbol of the yoni and that by nailing it to
    their doors, they follow out a custom older than the history of their
    This beauty is for both creation and rejuvenation, for both me and my loved with whom I want to share it. Clitoris is only human organ which is given only in female genital area with sole purpose of providing sexual pleasure to me.No wonder many patriarchy culture want it to be removed to deny me pleasure of being me.Those who think it is as dirty needs education.Sex is beautiful enjoyable and also creative. Thank God for giving me such a wonderful organ

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  2. My first reaction was yay, celebrate the vagina! But the next thought that popped into my head was that female genitalia don’t look and smell like flowers. In reality, things are often lopsided it smells like… well, like woman. The idea of flowery vaginas seems like something that gives rise to douching and “designer vaginas” and all that. We need to celebrate female genitalia, but I think this picture is a little off the mark.

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