Boudoir Update!

No, I haven’t finished the book yet that I promised I would review like months ago lol To be fair, it took a really weird turn that I just can’t get over and I’m having a hard time picking it back up again. However, I’m not going to give up on it completely. There may still be hope πŸ˜›

Apart from that, I just wanted to come on here and write a little update on theΒ boudoir session. I went this Saturday to the shoot and I have to say that it was one of the most empowering, fulfilling, exhilarating, liberating and fun things that I’ve done in a long time ❀

At first, I was nervous, but the girls, who were the photographers, were amazing. They made the whole atmosphere into a little dance party with music, colored lights and, of course, girl talk about boys. I definitely just felt like I was with my girlfriends on a regular Saturday.

By the end of the shoot, I was really getting into it. When I went into this shoot, I had outfits picked out and had it in mind that I wasn’t going to go nude. However, I ended up doing that with very little encouragement and it was so freeing. I mean, I’m the girl who hates undressing even in front of my fiance! So, I’m sure he will be surprised when he sees those lol

I do believe this shoot helped me to find a bit more of my femininity and sexuality that I thought was gone completely. Vaginismus has that effect on you. It feels like it’s taking away a part of your womanhood and there are many days where you don’t think it’ll ever come back. While, intimacy (cuddling or kissing) is still a bit of a challenge, I do think this experience proved to me that it’s still in there, even if it’s deep down at the moment and fighting to come back up to the surface.

Ladies, I would HIGHLY recommend doing a shoot like this for your boyfriends, fiances, husbands or even yourself. If you have vaginismus, or even body dysmorphic disorder, and are feeling down about your condition, go treat yourself to this. Seriously.

It won’t fix your condition, but it will definitely help you to realize that you are beautiful and sexy. Don’t let those models in the magazines bring you down or make you feel inferior. They aren’t real. They are mostly just photo shopped anyways. You have lines, cellulite, maybe a bit of a stomach, but all of that is because you are real have been living a good life. Those scars from your C-section or that extra body fat that you constantly wish was gone, tells your story and expresses your experiences. Embrace them and make them beautiful.

Also, just because you have vaginismus, doesn’t mean you lack sexuality or the ability to be sexy. Trust me, it’s in there girls. We just have to find out how to bring it out of each other together.

Overall, the shoot was totally worth it and I cannot wait to see the final pictures. A little disclaimer though, you will be sore and feel like you worked out the next day lol They have you in some weird poses and my abs and legs are really feeling it!

Even though I don’t have the actual pictures to show you, and I’m also not sure they will be entirely appropriate (one or two might be), I did want to show you the makeup, hair and at least the top half of a flannel I wore for the shoot. Enjoy!


14 thoughts on “Boudoir Update!

  1. You look great in those photos! I’ve always been curious about doing a boudoir shoot, I was going to do it before my wedding last year, but I chickened out! It’s always been in the back of my mind though, and it seems like such an empowering and liberating experience πŸ™‚

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  2. you are too cute!!! I’m glad you were able to experience this. It feels great to be liberated every once in a while. I’m sure he will enjoy them. Let us know how it goes.

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