Christmas magic

The winter gusts that surround the snow covered pastures,

tempt the snowflakes to fall.

You can hear the children laugh in the distance,

as they mold the snow in their tiny hands.

The seasonal magic fills the air outside,

but you rest by the fire with blissful memories of childhood.

The laughter outside brings back a sense of nostalgia.

To be a child during this season was a magical experience.

You would linger in your bed,

anticipating the arrival of Santa Claus.

By morning, presents would decorate the tree.

The tree that had been bare the night before.

Holding a hot cup of cocoa in your hands,

the warmth of the fire and drink form a smile on your face.

Your thoughts are silently interrupted,

as he comes in the room to wrap you in a warm blanket.

Your heart gently places a kiss on your cheek,

surrounding you with joy, cheer and love.

Tomorrow will be the day of celebration,

as Christmas lights illuminate the streets outside.

Tolling bells will sound in the distance,

as the world rejoices the Child once born.

Nothing could be more perfect than this moment,

as he and you will create new memories together

that will last throughout the years.


Merry Christmas


Featured image by: Geralt


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