Weekly Photo Challenge: My Ascension

When you ascend, it indicates that you are moving upward. Ascending can be literal or it can be figurative. Sometimes, when we think of the word ascension, we think of the Ascension of Jesus to Heaven from Earth. Other times, we think of ourselves as ascending up a flight of stairs. The picture I have chosen expresses a deeper meaning of ascension. Not only am I physically being lifted up, but I am also ascending emotionally.

There is a feeling of excitement; having someone lift you up as you breath in the crisp Autumn air. One can also sense a melodic tone in the air, as that person connects with you emotionally, removing all of your previous fears and anxieties in that one brief moment in time.

Meeting my fiance was truly my ascension. He taught me to look forward to things and to love again. He makes me feel, not only secure and safe in this chaotic world, but also safe when I wander too deep into the tumultuous caverns of my own mind. Without him, I know I would descend and be lost. His love for me lifts me up when I can sometimes barely do it on my own.




Featured Image Credit: jill111

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