Lost in the darkness

She runs to find him,

unable to escape the sun’s awakening.

Water cascades down her cheeks,

as she realizes he is moving farther away.

How will she ever find him?

She promised herself she’d rescue him.

Her heart begins to sink into her stomach.

The world feels like it’s spinning,

and she is lost in her emotional haze.

She is unable to control the emptiness she feels in her chest,

The girl reaches the forest entrance,

catching a glimpse of him in the beckoning shadows.

She yells out his name,

but he only smirks, like it’s a game.

She follows the shadow form into the forest,

feeling the darkness attempting to engulf her.

The ground begins to quake beneath her feet,

as roots try to take hold of her whole self.

She is being pulled down by the earth.

Gasping for air, she fights to break free,

unable to accept defeat.

She calls out his name and he turns.

She wonders why he won’t help her.

Denying his indifference,

she manages to pick herself up with determination and force.

A thick fog now surrounds her,

choking the once fresh air from her lungs.

Only then does she look up and see the true shadow form,

blowing the smoke in her face and moulding the earth to his will.

He is lost in his own darkness,

unable to see her light.

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