Weekly Photo Challenge: Cheeky Cosmos

Photo Challenge: Cheeky

As soon as I saw that this week’s photo challenge was meant to illustrate something that is “cheeky,” I couldn’t help having my dog come to mind.

If the face alone doesn’t represent cheeky, the story behind it will.

Ever since he was little, Cosmos has always loved to roll around in the grass. However, sometimes that meant he would roll in dog poop or car oil and grease.

In this picture, we were having a little walk before I had to leave for work and, as soon as we were about to head inside, he decided to roll in dog poop.

Lovely, right? I also love the expression of pure joy on his face.

Even though he does this, he always knows he’s done wrong and has to get a bath afterwards. So, he laid in the grass, as limp as can be and wouldn’t budge.

I was running late for work, had to try to reel in a poopy puppy, who weighs 45 lbs, AND give him a bath.

By some miracle, I made it into work on time, but they definitely keep life interesting 🙂


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Cheeky Cosmos

  1. Oh they do! Reminds me of the time our dog slipped out the door as I was leaving for work and took off. Home alone, I had no choice but to look for him. Eventually exasperated, I decided to call someone. I’d left the front door open and as I glanced out, there he was at the end of the driveway, challenging me to chase him, poised to take off again. Little rascals.

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