Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity in Spain

I am by no means a professional photographer, but when you visit a place as serene and beautiful as Spain, you really don’t need to be one to capture breathtaking photos.

During my visit to Barcelona, I stopped in Montserrat at Oller Del Mas, a 10th century castle that has it’s own vineyard. The weather was perfect, the sky was covered with clouds that looked painted on, and you couldn’t help yourself but feel a sense of calm as you stood in the vineyard looking out at the mountains beyond. While the rest of the town was bustling with the reality of city living, here I was, on top of a 10th century castle with my eyes shut, breathing in the crisp air of Spain, wine glass in hand.







7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity in Spain

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  3. I think you could be as good a photographer as me if not better. [Which sadly isn’t saying much because my hands tremble so terribly that I almost insist upon using a tripod.] But, I also think these are not the finest photos you could have gotten for one reason. You were likely swept up in the experience and, possibly, as you said, the serenity of a space away from the “hustle and bustle.” When some air or aura touches your heart/soul, it motivates you to take a picture.

    I would have taken more photos on my first (and, so far, only) trip to western Europe had I not been relying on a 35mm camera and a camcorder with limited film. I ran into a guy who had a digital camera (at a time when I thought digital was blasphemy to photography), and he was boasting about how he could put 1500 photos on a CD. I just grumbled at him at the time. Now, I sort of wished I had that camera at the time. Yet, by being limited as I was, I had to be more selective with my photos. Thus, photos like these would have been hasty and whims of the heart in the moment without any clear subject properly framed. I took a few lousy photos in Pisa, I recall, because I was swept up in the architecture and wanted to put every inch of it in a box (which was impossible). I did better in Santorini, grabbing some nice shots of chapel-like buildings on streets fit for Tatooine in Star Wars, getting nice angles with the sun and shade.

    Are photography and poetry your primary forms of art, or do you use other media as well?

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